The Dangers of NERF Darts

I recently saw a young man who attended with a red eye, having been hit accidentally with a NERF dart from a range of 3m. I expected that this would be a mild abrasion only, however it turned out to be more serious. This lad had internal inflammation of the eye brought about by the trauma. This type of inflammation is potentially sight threatening if not acted on promptly. Fortunately, in this instance, the boy’s mother did act promptly and we were able to get him the appropriate treatment by ophthalmology in Sligo and his eye will be fine.

I have been preaching about the dangers of NERF darts / pellets for the past few years ever since “Santa” foolishly brought NERF guns into our house and within an hour one of my boys had shot the other in the eye! Fortunately after a quick trip into the practice I was able to ascertain that no damage was done and the NERF guns were banished to the “high shelf”.

Since then I have been trying to drive home the importance to parents and kids of wearing protective eyewear before picking up a NERF gun. That means the parents also need to be wearing protective eyewear! So if you have NERF guns at home and don’t have protective eyewear put them on the high shelf and get googling NERF goggles.