Stellest – the game changing lens to slow myopia progression

Over the past 3 years Argus Optician’s have been steadfastly promoting our myopia management services. We were, and still are, one of the first practices in the country to offer a full suite of options to slow the progression of myopia (short sightedness) in our kids.

In our earlier blog on myopia management we have already dealt with the reasons why it is so important to slow progression of myopia and how the rising tide of myopia is a problem on a global scale.

In the years since we first started managing myopia we have had over a dozen children enrolled in studies looking at managing myopia using atropine eye drops. Most of these kids are still enrolled in the studies with results to be published in the next couple of years. We also have increasing numbers of kids using the Misight, soft, daily disposable contact lenses to manage their myopia, including my own son Joe (10). The results to date have been fantastic, with all the kids showing little to no progression. We have also begun to fit ortho k lenses, another excellent tool in the myopia management armory.

So it’s with great pleasure that I am finally able to share the news about our latest weapon in the fight against myopia, the Stellest lens from Essilor. Argus Optician’s are proud to have been selected as one of only a handful of optometry practices in the country to launch the Stellest, a game changing and life changing glasses lens for myopia management.

What is Stellest?

The Stellest lens is a revolutionary lens which can slow myopia progression in children by an average of 67%.

How does the Stellest lens work?

The Stellest lens uses a constellation of 1021 tiny lenslets arranged in 11 concentric rings within each lens to focus all light passing into the eye onto the peripheral retina. In normal glasses lenses the peripheral light gets focussed behind the retina and this makes the brain think the eye is too short and triggers the elongation of the eye and thus increases the myopia. The Stellest lens is designed to prevent this from happening.

The Stellest guarantee.

There are no products that offer 100% success in halting myopia progression, but from my own experience in the past 3 years they all play a significant role in managing myopia. The manufacturers of Stellest are so sure of the benefits of this lens that it comes with a guarantee. If the wearer shows an increase in their myopia of more than -0.50D then they can have their lenses changed to the new prescription free of charge.

What children are eligible to wear Stellest lenses?

All children that are myopic are suitable for using the Stellest lens. However, those children who have family members that have high degrees of myopia, run the risk of developing high myopia themselves and we would recommend that they should definitely be using some form of myopia management, whether it be the Stellest, or one of our myopia management contact lens options.

How often do I need my child’s eyes tested when using the Stellest lenses?

We recommend a six month review for all our kids using myopia management options. This allows us to ensure they are still using the best product to manage their myopia as well as allowing us to record their growth (axial length) using our newest equipment.

If you are interested in learning more about the Stellest lens or any of our other myopia management options please contact the practice and book an appointment.

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