Emergency Eye Clinic

Argus Opticians operate both an emergency eye clinic and emergency out of hour’s service. If you require emergency eye care we will arrange an appointment for you on the day or see you out of hours. To avail of this service please call our out of hours emergency contact number.

Our emergency every day clinics allow us to manage urgent cases in the practice or to triage the patient and refer to the appropriate location (GP, EDd) in a timely fashion.

Our emergency clinics are reserved for people with the following conditions;

● Foreign bodies in the eye

● Flashing lights and floaters

● Sudden, painless loss of vision

● Severe headache

● Painful red or swollen eyes

● Eye trauma including chemical trauma or abrasions

● Acute eye pain

If you cannot contact our emergency clinic and are suffering from any of the above please report immediately to the emergency department.

To book emergency appointments contact the practice during working hours, or for our out of hours service ring 086 8274244.