At Argus Opticians we are a speciality contact lens practice with over twenty-five years’ experience in contact lens fitting. We have a vast array of lenses in our contact lens armoury allowing us to fit contact lenses to almost every prescription.

We are one of the market leading suppliers of Misight myopia control contact lens for children and regularly fit contact lenses to slow myopia progression in kids as young as 6.

Argus Opticians are the only practice in Donegal offering Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) or ‘Night’ lenses.


The latest contact lenses in our portfolio are scleral lenses for irregular corneas.

We are one of very few practices in the country fitting these specialised lenses!

Scleral and Speciality Contact Lenses

At Argus Opticians we provide a speciality contact lens service offering contact lenses that can have profound benefits to those who wear them.

These lenses include ortho-k lenses, corneal and scleral lenses.

Orthokeratology or Ortho-k lenses are hard corneal lenses available to correct myopia in the range of -1.50D to -5.00D. They are worn overnight and removed on waking, the effect of which is to temporarily flatten the cornea and allow clear vision without glasses or contact lenses for the entire day. These lenses can also slow progression of childhood myopia by up to 70% and are an integral part of our myopia control armoury.

They are an ideal solution for those to whom wearing glasses or soft contact lenses are not the most suitable option.

Corneal lenses, also known as hard or gas permeable contact lenses are small diameter lenses made from a rigid plastic which are worn through the day. These lenses tend to take a little longer to build a tolerance to but are easier to insert and remove. They can be worn for several years if correctly maintained and offer excellent breathability.
Scleral lenses are large diameter (15-17mm) lenses which vault the cornea and rest on the sclera, the white of the eye offering comfort comparable to that achieved with a soft lens. These lenses are ideally suited to those patients who have irregular corneas due to scarring, conditions such as keratoconus, post corneal transplant or chronic dry eyes. In these instances, the tear lens between the scleral lenses and the cornea acts to smooth the irregular surface which can result in a significant improvement in the vision. These lenses can provide lifechanging benefits to those for whom conventional lenses do not offer a solution.

If you wish to discuss any of our speciality lenses, please do not hesitate to contact the practice.