Sports and Safety Eyewear

Sports Eyewear

Refractive eye problems can often be an impediment when partaking in sport. As well as our sports sunglasses we also carry a range of sports eyewear for swimming, shooting and contact sports, all of which are available with prescription lenses. We have a range of children’s sports eyewear which is of particular benefit for those children who are not yet able for contact lenses and who partake in sports at school. All of our sports eyewear brands comply with European Standards on safety. If you are interested in discussing your sports eyewear requirements we would be delighted to hear from you.

Safety Eyewear

At Argus Opticians we have a number of corporate clients to whom we provide safety eyewear. We offer Bollé eyewear so your safety glasses can be stylish as well as practical. If you are interested in Argus Opticians providing a corporate eyewear package to your business please don’t hesitate to ring us and we would be delighted to negotiate a package to suit.